Onslow Stoneworks – A family’s history of stone

In 1995, Michael and Matthew Schott started Onslow Stonewoks as an extension of an existing glass company. They now employ 23 full-time and 10 part-time workers, running in two shifts, at their 14,000-square-foot facility in Swansboro, NC.

The Schott family has a long history of stone working. In the late 1800s, brothers Nicola and Emidio Scioli emigrated to and settled in the town of Cliffside Park, NJ, where the family’s granite quarry was operated on the Palisades Cliffs. The Schott brothers’ grandfather worked at the quarry as a young boy, and in turn, he took the time to pass the family’s traditions on to the boys. In 1995, Michael and Matthew Schott started Onslow Stoneworks as an extension of an existing glass company. At that time, an opportunity arose to fabricate some prefabricated panels, and from there, the business exploded into custom kitchens in just a few months’ time.
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An eight-year-old Virginia-based Fabrication shop, aims to please its diverse group of clientele

Classic Granite & Marble, of Midlothian, VA, specializes in jobs from custom residential to a multitude of small- and medium-sized commercial projects. In the production area, the company utilizes a variety of equipment, including a Robot CAD from Baca Systems of Macomb, MI.

Classic Granite & Marble (CGM), of Midlothian, VA, specializes in jobs from custom residential to a multitude of small- and medium-sized commercial projects. Tony Kilic, President of CGM, became involved in the stone fabrication business in Maryland before moving to the Richmond, VA, area. “What drew me to the business was seeing an increasing number of my friends beginning to navigate towards stone fabrication, and I saw the success and growth opportunity in the industry,” said Kilic. “The Richmond market peaked my interest for many reasons. The area presented ample potential for future growth, and even though there was strong, dominating competition, I still saw room to expand. That is what inspired me to move to Richmond, where Classic Granite & Marble came to be.”
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VT Industries: A mass producer of quartz countertops

Initially recognized for its laminate and wood products, Holstein, IA-based VT Industries is now a leading producer of quartz and natural stone countertops in the southern California market

Founded in 1956 by Roger Clausen, VT Industries remains a family-owned business — now under the leadership of its third generation. While the Holstein, IA-based company holds true to the same core values originally instilled by its founder, it also has grown and diversified since its origin. In addition to being a leading manufacturer of laminate countertops and wood doors, VT Industries also is a large producer of natural stone and quartz countertops. The company opened its facility in La Mirada, CA, five years ago, which houses its stone production and operates under a lean manufacturing system.

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Fabricator recovers from financial crisis

The financial crisis of 2008 was seven years ago, but for many companies, it still affects them today. Mario & Son in Liberty Lake, WA, has experienced good times as well as tough times, but in the end, the company has weathered the storm.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Mario & Son reached double-digit growth, and after several expansions, the company decided to build its own facility in 2005. In late 2008, the company moved into its now complete building, with revenues of nearly seven million dollars that year and for 2008 as well. In January of 2009 — after being in its new space for only a few weeks — the company’s business dropped over 65%. At the time, it had 45 employees, and it did its best to hold onto them — hoping that a speedy recovery was just around the corner.
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Defining the granite industry by marketing with social media

Owner Chad Briles of The Stone Shop in Ankeny, IA, has grown a successful company fairly quickly by using platforms such as Facebook to promote and get jobs

Chad Briles’ grandfather has been in the tile and stone industry for over 60 years, and Chad started working for him when he was 13. “Growing up, my grandfather taught me what it takes to make a successful business, and the key is honesty and quality,” said Briles. “When we started The Stone Shop, we drove to Kentucky and bought an old Sawing System bridge saw and a 1964 fork lift and brought it up here and started in a single-car garage. We worked night and day to build a brand that would define the granite industry. We specialize in pushing the limit with stone and creating things that define the stone industry.”
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