GS-40After selling thousands of the GS-28 Saw Laser, we decided to create an updated model that would be brighter and able to handle harsher working environments. The GS-40 Saw Laser is what grew out of that update. It provides you with a visible laser line for precise cuts. This product eliminates the guess-work by giving you the exact location of your cuts every time. The GS-40’s laser takes advantage of the strongest powered lasers on the market for incredibly bright lines.

Primarily designed for bridge saws and CNC equipment, the GS-40 can also be used for band saws and permanently mounted table or panel saws. It will project a fine green line at a 75° fan angle which will enable you to position the work piece, slabs, or wood and know exactly where the blade is going to cut.

There is no user calibration to be done with the exception of mounting the unit to your saw or for any other specific purposes. For wet saw applications, the unit has an easy wipe off window to remove any water mist and tile or stone particles that may be floating through the air like saw dust.

The laser comes supplied with 110-240 VAC input which can be lengthened if you need a longer run of cable. It is vibration and water resistant – IP 65 rated (NEMA 4) so that you can mount it in the harshest of conditions. The entire laser housing is hard coat anodized to make it rugged enough for any application. This is one more design element that we decided to include from the years of experience producing these types of lasers. There is a mounting bracket included with the laser that allows you to clamp it on any pipe that has an outside diameter of 0.75° – 1.75° OD pipe. After clamping it onto a pipe or mounting it to your saw directly, it can swivel a full 360° to allow perfect alignment on your saw’s table.

Proudly Built in the US

One major distinction between our products and that of our competitors is that we not only sell fabrication lasers and digital templating systems, but we keep all the manufacturing in the United States of America. While others have distributors that can support and service them in the US, we are actually based in the Midwest (just south of Chicago, IL).

Product Specifications


  • 10mW green (532nm) Class IIIa laser
  • 75° fan angle


  • Hard coat industrial anodized
  • Water resistant (IP 65 rated (NEMA 4))
  • Vibration resistant
  • 0.75’ – 1,75” OD pipe mounting bracket


  • 110-240 VAC input
  • 30,000+ hour life expectancy


  • 1 year

Simple Setup & Lasting Durability

The GS-40 includes a power adapter so you can plug it into any 110v outlet or the option to bypass that and wire it directly into your saw. Having industrial strength anodizing and being water resistant means it can work in the roughest of conditions with no need to worry about water splashing on it.

Extremely Bright & Crisp Lines

We use a 10mW green diode in our laser. This is the most powerful laser OHSA permits in fabrication facilities. Due to our eye’s physiology, green laser beams appear more vibrant than the standard red lasers most other companies sell.

Perfect Alignment, Every Time

With a visible laser beam projected on the slab of granite or any other surface, you can ensure that every cut is the right cut. No mistakes, no scraped material, and most importantly, no wasted money.

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