usmpThe Ultra Scale Master® Pro is an affordable and portable area takeoff and digitizing system. Unlike expensive digitizers, the Ultra Scale Master® Pro allows you to measure plans at your office or on the job site without the need for additional computing devices or software.

The ergonomic design with a large targeting window allows you to accurately measure and compute areas, segment lengths, perimeters, and volumes for simple or complex polygons, polylines, irregular shapes, arcs and circles.

72 built-in architectural and engineering scales allow you to measure plans and drawing up to 24″ x 36″ in size. Four custom scales allow you to measure out of scale drawings.

The Ultra Scale Master® Pro can operate as a standalone digital area takeoff tool, or you can connect it to your PC to transfer measurements into any estimating and spreadsheet program that accept text input from a number pad or keyboard. It also can send digitized (x,y) coordinates to takeoff software programs like our Smart Takeoff! graphic digitizing software.

The Ultra Scale Master® Pro is ideal for construction trades such as concrete, flooring/tile, paving, roofing, landscaping, electrical, plumbing and small site excavation.

Product Specifications

Hardware Features

  • Ergonomic shape
  • Easy to read LCD Display
  • Operates on four AAA batteries or USB cable

Software Features

  • Stand alone operation (no PC needed)
  • 72 built-in scales or build your own scales
  • Store heights for automatic volumes
  • Recall line lengths

Measuring Options

  • Simple or complex polygons
  • Polylines
  • Irregular shapes
  • Arcs and circles

Dedicated Measuring Software

Smart Takeoff digitizing software, brings speed and power to performing blueprint takeoffs for construction cost estimating. A simple and intuitive user interface ensures that estimators will be using the system effectively within minutes.

Simple Handheld Scanning

Using an (x,y) coordinate system, easily send coordinates to graphic digitizing software like Smart Takeoff. Measure and display line lengths, areas, perimeters, volume, wall areas, arc lengths, radius, and diameter without the use of a PC.

Measuring With or Without A PC

Measure and display line lengths, areas, perimeters, volume, wall areas, arc lengths, radius, and diameter without the use of a PC. Send displayed values to your spreadsheets and estimating software programs via supplied USB cable.

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