AllenCAD seamlessly integrates with the 30″ iTech Vinyl Plotter to make plotting templates easy. Although this full featured CAD software is a complete computer aided design program, our major use of it is the Tiling feature which was designed specifically for countertop fabricators.

Allen DirectCUT Tiling produces tiled templates of your job with only a few mouse clicks.

  1. Import your job file (DXF/DWG) from Laser Tempaltor or TemplatePro
  2. Select the counter top
  3. Press Tile
  4. Select the layout you desire
  5. Press Cut

It really is that simple and no other commercially available CAD program has this unique capability. After AllenCAD tiles the job, it gives you the option to choose from multiple media usages or layouts. Some will use more material but have less pieces to place on the slab, some will use less material but have more pieces to layout. It is completely defined by the user how they want it to be cut.

Once the template is cut, you will see what are called puzzle notches on some of the ends. These are marked with the job name (i.e. “A. Smith”, “B. Smith” etc.) so once cut, they are easy to layout and put back together. There is no guesswork and no time consuming manual seaming of jobs that are wider than 30″ in any direction.

Product Specifications

Computer Requirements

  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/ XP
  • Intel Pentium 4 (1.6 Mhz or faster)
  • 64 MB of more RAM
  • 90 MB free disk space
  • Allen DirectCut Driver (requires Allen Datagraph cutting equipment)

Modify Jobs In AllenCAD

For those who are more CAD capable, AllenCAD is a complete CAD program and can handle any modifications that you want to make including overhangs, radii corners and styles.

allencad-media-sort1Save Vinyl Media

AllenCAD will give you multiple options of how to tile/plot the job. The user can choose which method to tile it with and how much vinyl to use.

Efficiently Tile Jobs

Tiling jobs to fit on a 30″ plotter has never been easier. Once tiled, pieces are given puzzle notches and each end is labeled based on the job name.

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