How The LT-55 XL Laser Templator Works (Digital Templating)

Many people ask us how the LT-55 XL works. They are just amazed at the accuracy that it provide the users. We have overheard many people who have used it simply say “its magic” or “its all voodoo to me.” But the concept really isn’t as hard to comprehend as you might imaging.

The LT-55 XL Laser Templator is made up of 3 basic components.

  1. The laser uses light to measure distance. The laser beam is emitted from the laser and hits a point on any surface. It then reflects the light and is received back at the laser. During this process, the laser keeps track of the amount of time (in milliseconds) it takes to be received back. This distance is accurate up to 1/16″.
  2. The encoder is a device that rotates and determines angles. By rotating it, with the laser directly positioned above the encoder, from one position to another and angle can be measured. There is an accuracy of .009° in the encoder.
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