When we introduced the LT-55 Laser Templator in 2004, our company changed overnight. Not only did our company change but so did all the companies we worked with. We saw a huge shift towards digital templating in an industry that was still predominately manual. We sold our first laser to Dave’s Cabinets at StonExpo that year. Dave had the vision after seeing only a prototype that this was the tool that would change his business.

In the beginning of 2014, we sold our 3000th laser templator. The growth of our business has been almost exponential since we introduced the LT-2D3D Laser Templator. It allows the user to create completed DXF/DWG/ORD/XML files that are ready for fabrication in both 2D and 3D (whichever the users prefers or requires for the job). These lasers were sold to customers in not only the countertop industry but also cabinets, industrial fabrics, pools, landscaping, glass, and metal work.

As we approached each industry we knew we didn’t have all the answers so we went to those that did. We worked with the largest fabricators in the United States closely to determine what their needs were and how we could facilitate them. Through weeks and sometimes months of testing each individual feature, we were able to deliver a product that was in essence developed by the users for each industry.

In our eyes, the Stone World Fabricator of the Year award is the most prestigious award you can receive in this industry as a fabricator. In the ten years that we have been selling our lasers, Stone World Magazine has named nine fabricators that use our lasers. We know the success of a company is due mainly to the dedication of its employees but we are proud that those employees use our lasers. When the best fabricators in the world rely on our lasers, you have to question why you would choose anything else.

Some of the past winners of this award that have our lasers include:

  • MIA board members
  • Founding board members and past presidents of ISFA
  • Chairman of the MIA Accreditation Program
  • Authors of MIA/Stone World Stone Industry Education program
  • Authors of the MIA’s Countertop Installation Standards
  • Founding Members of the Artisan Group
  • Speakers at StonExpo, Surfaces, and Coverings

Not only did we offer the first Laser Templator, we also offer the most robust digital templating system on the market. Our LT-2D3D Laser Templator comes complete with everything you need to have completed drawings on-site within a matter of minutes. The first step in creating gorgeous countertops is getting accurate measurements. It doesn’t matter how good the countertops look if they don’t fit. The LT-2D3D Laser Templator holds a tighter tolerance than any other laser templator on the market coming in at 1mm at 325’. We offer free on-site training and our software comes with free updates for life, something none of our competitors offer.

We make the easiest to use, fastest and least expensive Laser Templator on the market. We stand behind our lasers and have proven that it can revolutionize your business. That is why we are the World Leader in Digital Templating.

Proudly Built in the US

One major distinction between our products and that of our competitors is that we not only sell digital templating systems, but we are the only system built in the United States of America. While others have distributors that can support and service them in the US, we are actually based in the Midwest (just south of Chicago, IL).

We employ a full time staff of eight solely for the purpose of building, calibrating, servicing, and supporting our lasers. All told, that is a combined total of just over 49 years of experience building and supporting lasers and laser templating systems.

What Customers Say

The LT-55 XL has taken our company from a manual shop to digital. All our kitchens fit perfectly. In 2007 we were awarded the Fabricator of the Year Award from Stone World Magazine. We looked at every product before we bought this one. It was a contributing factor.
Author Photo
Ron Hannah
United States

I work for Euro marble & Granite. We have been using ETemplate’s system for a year and then we found the LT-2D3D Laser Templator. Everything works better. The dimensions are a lot more accurate.

Author Photo
Edward Rangle
United States

I have three of the Laser Templators and really use the heck out of them. We have three guys utilizing them and have templated thousands of countertops. It has become a crucial part of our operation.

Author Photo
Dave Boone
United States

We have been using the laser for three years. It has worked wonderfully for us. The accuracy is incredible.

Jon Devine
United States

I would recommend this product to anyone! …except our competition.

Jason Coache
United States

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