Laser Templator Software Update (v.168)

We have just released version of the LT-55 XL software. A few of the updates since the previously released version include:

  • LT-2D3D updates (new product launch)
  • Resizing of the side menu for new tablets
  • Adding CM to units of measure for display settings
  • Moving Save box to the top of the screen to accommodate Windows 8 on screen keyboard
  • Updating Chinese language files

Like always, this is a completely free update to the software. You can update your computers by simply having an internet connection on your tablet/computer when you open the program. If you are in the program already, you can click File / Help / Check for Updates.

LT-55 XL Version 2 Software Changes


We have made a lot of changes to version 2 of our software. We know our customers love how easy our software is to use compared to most CAD programs so we tried to keep it as close to the previous version as possible. We did however do a little rearranging of the menus to make it organized. Below is a full list of the changes we made.

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Geared for quality and precision

After nearly a decade of stone fabrication, Pinnacle Stone & Tileof Fairfield, CA, made a full investment in digital technology for all aspects of stone processing — from templating and layout to cutting and edging. Currently in the middle of a bounce-back year in terms of new construction work, the company is poised for increased production in the future.

“We do tile installation in addition to natural stone fabrication and installation,” explained Scott Cheeseman, President and CEO of Pinnacle Stone & Tile. “The company was started in 1991 by Corey Phillips, who was a tile installer primarily focused on remodels and local commercial projects. He was asked to do granite fabrication in 2001, and he opened a shop just in time to catch the residential boom of Northern California. When he sold the company to a group of investors in 2006, and the company was predominantly doing tract work.”
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Taking a new career path in fabrication

For retired dairy farmer Marv Stremler, it was a date with his now wife that first introduced him to the stone fabrication business. Intrigued with the process, he later opened his own shop, Creative Stoneworks, in Bellingham, WA, and today, the company primarily services Northwest Washington and lower British Columbia.

“Marv and I were dating in 2003, while I was working at a stone fabrication shop,” explained Ruthi Stremler, who works beside her husband at Creative Stoneworks. “He came to take me to lunch and was given a shop tour. He was very intrigued with the fabrication process of stone. As a retired dairy farmer, Marv was looking for a business that his son, Brandon, could take over when Marv was ready for final retirement.”
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Expanding to meet market demand

From its beginning in the early 1980s, Old Castle Surfaces has grown to include six locations around the Southeastern region of the U.S. By continuously investing in its machinery as it expands, the company has been able to tailor its efforts to focus on the various market segments it serves.

Like many other successful companies in the sector, Old Castle Surfaces fabrication business was founded in the garage of its original owner (then known as Custom Surfaces, Inc.). “After growing it into one of the largest fabricators in the U.S., [the original owner] sold it to Old Castle in 2001,” said Mellisa Hill, Vice President of Residential Sales & Marketing. “Steve DeBerardino is currently our president.”

Work done at Old Castles’ facilities include templating, fabricating and installing of granite, quartz, marble, travertine and solid surface materials for residential and commercial applications. “We currently produce 1,500 square feet a day in granite and quartz across all sites,” said Hill. “We could easily double that number if the economy cooperates.”
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