sl-24The SL-24 Laser Square was the world’s first line producing square and level line laser tool. The compact size and easy set up make it one of the most innovative tools available for tile work and carpeting. When it comes to labor savings and improvement of quality, it is a product that cannot be overlooked. The fact that virtually anyone who uses a 90° or 45° set-up in their work, can save thousands in labor set-up while improving quality makes the SL-24 Laser Square a tool needed in any professional’s arsenal.

Measuring 4” x 4” x 2” it is very compact for what it offers. This laser offers you three different beam configurations (90° dots, 90° vertical lines and horizontal lines spanning 120°). Along with the most obvious use, tile and flooring grids with 90° or 45° layouts, other applications include; deflection testing, slopes and pitches, floor patch estimating and pinning, carpet pattern and runoff, out-of-flat and out-of-level, squaring borders and insets, framing stud walls, cabinets, machinery alignment, sill plates, foundations, footers and decks.

The SL-24 Laser Square is perfect for checking for deflection. The L/360 standard means that the floor should not deflect more than the “span” divided by 360. If the span of the joists is 10 feet (between supports), then the deflection should not be more than 1/3” between the center and the end. If you place the SL-24 in a doorway and load your tile into the middle of the floor and it deflects, you know that the floor’s substructure must be fixed before laying tile. If not, you might have to deal with cracked tiles down the road.

Product Specifications


  • Accuracy: ± 0.10” at 50’
  • Range: Up to 600’
  • Beams: 3 selectable 90° pairs
  • 2 5mW red (635nm) Class IIIa laser


  • 3/8” Mounting hole
  • Aircraft Aluminum
  • Vibration resistant
  • 2 lbs.


  • 110 volt
  • 12 hours per charge
  • Rechargeable batteries (6-8 hour charge)
  • 1000 charge battery life cycle
  • 100,000+ hour life expectancy


  • 10 years

sl-24 vertical lines
Vertical Lines For Tile Layouts

Whether you are doing 45° or 90° layouts, the SL-24 allows for easy alignment. This mode is also great for seam matching, carpet cutting and wall tiles. The best though, is no more snapping chalk lines.

SL-24 horizontal lines
Horizontal Lines For Leveling

Checking for level and flat has never been easier. Set the laser on the floor, mark a pin target and move it around the room. This will tell you exactly how much you need to raise or lower the floor with a product like ARDEX.

SL-24 dots
Dots For Long Distances

When you are either outside or working in long distances, dots can be used for an extremely strong beam capable of reaching up to 600′. Enchantment glasses are included which make the beam even brighter than it is.

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