lino-l2-crosslinerThe time consuming and tedious drawing of lines on the wall is a thing of the past. The Leica Lino L2 projects exactly, quickly and easily – allowing you to concentrate on the job in hand.

Spirit levels and string lines for horizontal alignment are a thing of the past. The Leica Lino L2 is a convenient way to transfer reference points from one wall to another. Vertical alignment is a thing of the past as well. This is the simplest way to ensure that wall and floor tile joints precisely meet one another.

Alignment tasks such as marking out exact 90° angles are done at the touch of a button. Saving you time! You can manually switch off the self-leveling feature using the lock function. The laser line can then be projected at any angle. The lock function also serves as transport protection.

Pulse function to save energy. It also allows you to locate the laser lines using a laser detector, even in very bright lighting conditions. A series of acoustic signals from the detector indicates the precise position of the laser beam plane.

Product Specifications


  • Range: up to 15m
  • Range: up to 30m with detector
  • 2 beams (vertical and horizontal)
  • Self-leveling up to 4° ± 0.5″


  • Horizontal ± 1.5mm @ 5m
  • Vertical ± 0.75 mm @ 3m


  • Powered by three AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 3.8″ x 3.6″ x 2.1″
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs

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