Most Fabricator of the Year Awards

Looking over the past winners of Stone World’s Fabricator of the Year Award, we began to see a trend. See if you can figure it out by looking at the list of winners below.

2010 – Matt Lansing, Stone Innovations (LT-55)
2009 – Scorr McGourley, Kasco Stone
2008 – Paul Menninger, Capitol Granite & Marble (LT-55 XL)
2007 – Ron Hannah, Cadenza Granite & Marble (LT-55 XL)
2006 – Dick Laliberte, Ripano Stoneworks (LT-55 XL)
2005 – G.K. Naquin, Stone Interiors (LT-55)
The LT-55 originally came out in 2005 and then in 2008 we released the LT-55 XL.  Both Ripano Stoneworks and Cadenza Granite & Marble upgraded their lasers to the XL version. We think it says something that in the 6 years the LT-55 (and subsequently the LT-55 XL) has been on the market, 5 out of the last 6 Stone World Fabricator or the Year Award winners were using LT-55 or LT-55 XL’s to do their digital templating.

Going digital is how every company that is thriving right now templates. Not only does it cut down on time on the job site but digital templating produces more accurate templates and higher quality fabricated counter tops but it leads to happier customers.

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