LT-55 XL Version 2 Software Changes


We have made a lot of changes to version 2 of our software. We know our customers love how easy our software is to use compared to most CAD programs so we tried to keep it as close to the previous version as possible. We did however do a little rearranging of the menus to make it organized. Below is a full list of the changes we made.

  1. Added DWG and ORD support
  2. Added Moraware’s JobTracker integration
  3. Added an area legend to keep running totals of square foot and linear foot of edge types while templating
  4. Added Importing/Exporting Settings so companies with multiple lasers can keep settings consistent across all units and installations of LT-55 XL Software
  5. Added Flip/Scale for easier modifying components of jobs.
  6. Added Center Line for quickly and easily dropping in a center line for a sink/dishwasher etc off of a certain edge
  7. Added Split Line
  8. Added Edit menu and moved Options, Job Info, Pages, Notes, Move Circle, Split Line, Flip/Scale, Add Photo, Erase All on Page, Erase Segment and Units into it
  9. Added Import/Export menu under the File menu and moved PDF (Print), Shop Sheet, Estimate, Email, JobTracker (Moraware) into it
  10. Added support for higher resolutions cameras and choosing default settings.
  11. Added ability to quickly change values for offsets, fillets, drawing custom boxes, lines and circles without having to reenter their respective menus
  12. Expanded color/layer capability from 13 up to 512 for companies that have fab centers or CNC’s that use more than 13 tools
  13. Updated manual to a PDF version so customers can print out the new one if they wish to

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