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Laser Products Europe was founded in 2005. Based in Beverley in the United Kingdom, we distribute to the whole of europe, with a good network of agents in many key countries providing both sales and support to an ever expanding customer base.

Any repair work is undertaken at head office in the UK and enables us to have a fast turn around.

Technical support is done mainly by phone or internet or taken care of by local agents directly.

Company Information


  • Office Staff: 3
  • Sales Department: (19 Europe)
  • Production: 1
  • Support/Service 3

Headquarters / Office

  • 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Software training center
  • Digital templating training center

Laser Products Industries

Laser Products Industries was founded in 1994. Since then, we have focused on designing, building, and supplying lasers to identify and gather job site job conditions. Once gathered, this information can be used to accurately fabricate finished products to match.

Our industry focus began in the flooring and construction industries providing the SL-24 Laser Square to help salesman easily determine if floors and walls were square, flat and/or level before a job was quoted. Using laser beams extending out of the unit at a 90º and 45º angles, users were able to accomplished this and also allowed for quick grid layouts for tile.

Currently, our main focus has shifted towards the countertop and millwork industries. With the advent of the LT-55 XL and more recently the LT-2D3D Laser Templators, efficiency and accuracy of digital templating kitchens, offices, and cabinet bases has be greatly improved while reducing cost and completion time.

We have recently started working in the fabric and composite industries. Both have expressed a desire to bring the same efficiency, accuracy, and reduced cost of production that we are known for with countertops and millwork to their industries.

Our lasers have received multiple awards including the AWFS Sequoia Award for Product Innovation and the TISE (The International Surface Event) Best Product of 2015. The Best Product of 2015 award was voted on by industry leaders including the Marble Institute of America and Stone World Magazine.

Above all other aspects that we focus on, Quality is at the top of our list. Every laser is individually built by hand by technicians that have a combined total of over 25 years of production experience. They know the expectations our customers have and exceed them in every way possible.
Price is always a factor when making any purchase. We work extremely hard to keep the price of our lasers lower than our competitors while offering more features to our customers. Being the lowest price is important but so is offering a full package with everything you need. We do both. Financing Options are also available.
Service & Support
We pride ourselves on having what we believe is the best customer service in on the market. We have sold many of our lasers at trade shows by chance when past customers walked by and told others that we have the best service they have ever see and would be crazy to consider buying another system.
We Listen
We have been producing lasers for the construction industry for over 20 years. We build products based on what our customers need and ask us for. Every laser that we have built is based on requests directly from customers that work in the filed every day.
Laser Products Industries was the first company to bring laser measuring to the countertop, woodworking, industrial fabrics, pool, and landscaping industries. We saw a need for quicker and more precise measurements. That is what we specialize in and have won multiple awards for.
When you produce your own digital templating systems, you have extensive control over the quality of your products. This quality has shown through our industries so well that in the past two years, we have had to double our production, service and support staff to keep up the demand of our customers.

Proudly Built in the US

One major distinction between our products and that of our competitors is that we not only sell digital templating systems, but we are the only system built in the United States of America. While others have distributors that can support and service them in the US, we are actually based in the Midwest (just south of Chicago, IL).

We employ a full time staff of eight solely for the purpose of building, calibrating, servicing and supporting our lasers. All told, that is a combined total of just over 49 years of experience building and supporting lasers and laser templating systems.

Marble Institute of America

International Surface Fabricators Association

Stone Fabricator's Alliance

Industrial Fabrics Association International

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Since 1994, Laser Products Industries has focused on designing, building and supplying lasers to help identify and provide the means to gather job-site job conditions and to accurately fabricate finished products to match. more >>

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